DICTION 7 is a computer-aided text analysis program for determining the tone of a verbal message. DICTION searches a passage for five general features as well as thirty-five sub-features. It can process a variety of English language texts using a 10,000 word corpus and user-created custom dictionaries. DICTION versions are available for Windows® on a PC and Mac®.

DICTION produces reports about the texts it processes and also writes the results to numeric files for later statistical analysis. Output options include raw totals, standardized scores, word counts and percentages, thereby providing the user a variety of ways of understanding the text they have processed.

DICTION Features

  • Reads variety of text formats, e.g., html, docx, txt, pdf
  • Incorporates Power Mode for analyzing lots of files
  • Allows xlsx or csv output formats
  • Supports custom user-created dictionaries
  • More…